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The road to recovery can be a lengthy one, but it’s certainly worthwhile for anyone struggling with substance abuse. Freedom Behavioral can ensure that you are equipped with the right tools, which lead to a better chance of long-term recovery success. Although maintaining success in recovery demands an ongoing commitment, spending time at our Ripon, Wisconsin substance abuse treatment facility can lead to far more effective treatment results.


Reaching Recovery


One of the major challenges of reaching recovery is making it through detox, which is especially hard to do alone. Our Ripon, Wisconsin addiction recovery facility ensures clients are supervised and receive any help they need along the way. Once the most significant withdrawal symptoms have been navigated, clients often enjoy an initial burst of optimism as they begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.


Addressing Long-Standing Problems


In roughly half of our clients, addiction is accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder. Our drug rehab center, Freedom Behavioral, focuses on providing dual diagnosis mental health treatment to clients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders. Research has demonstrated that this method affords more effective outcomes than treating only the addiction.




One of the best ways to enact meaningful change is to make radical changes in one’s life. At our Ripon, Wisconsin addiction recovery center, we offer the opportunity to break free from old habits, leading to a greater likelihood of making lasting change. Ongoing efforts to maintain recovery are critical, but we will help support you as you under these by providing you with comprehensive aftercare treatment.


Support Groups


It’s common to feel anxious when spending time in group settings, but the effort it takes to open up at meetings can go a long way toward sobriety. Even clients who don’t initially feel comfortable speaking up will learn from their peers by listening to others share their stories. Providing support for others at our Ripon, Wisconsin drug rehab clinic is a great way for people in recovery to find peace with their issues.


Encouraging Environment


One of the downsides of addiction is spending time with people who cause stress. While at our addiction treatment center, clients will feel welcomed and supported, and they’ll be encouraged to speak their mind as they look at their lives. Addiction can make people feel suffocated, and the pressures involved in maintaining an active addiction can be severe. Spending time with supportive individuals offers a welcome reprieve from these stresses.


When you enroll at Freedom Behavioral, our Ripon, Wisconsin addiction treatment clinic, you can leave with tools they need to remain sober. Working through recovery can present challenges for a while, but hope for a better future is on the horizon no matter how severe your addiction might have become. Get in touch with one of our friendly and qualified addiction recovery specialists by phone now, and they can answer any questions that you might possess regarding addiction.

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