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At Freedom Behavioral Health, we give clients the quality rehabilitation care they need to beat their addiction. Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, our drug rehab centers provide clients with the personal care and support they need in a safe and open environment where clients feel that they can be open and honest about their particular needs. At our addiction treatment center, we help our clients through the difficult symptoms of withdrawal, provide moral support and therapy to help them discover their own inner strength, and finally help them lead meaningful and productive lives when they return to their lives in the world, providing them with top quality client aftercare.


Drug detox can be difficult and painful. At our drug detox clinic, we provide close, supervised monitoring as clients wrestle with the difficult days of coming off drug dependency, dealing with the changes in their brains and neurochemistry as their bodies adjust to the lack of chemical dependency. We monitor the patients and provide them with close comfort during this arduous and difficult procedure, easing the detox process as much as possible.


We realize that many clients may be suffering from mental health conditions, so we make sure to provide the professional care they need as they proceed from detox to therapy. We provide quality and professional care for clients suffering from any co-occurring mental health disorder. We want to make sure that all our clients get the individual care they need to make their recovery process as successful as possible.


After the detox process is concluded, we turn towards therapy to help patients develop the necessary coping skills for resuming their normal activities. Instead of simply helping you heal physically, our addiction treatment facility works to address the issues that underlie the addiction, including factors that may have influenced the client’s choices in the past.


We want our clients to be able to learn about themselves, finding a source of inner strength within that will help them combat their addiction, developing the strength of character necessary to defeat their problem once and for all. Our therapy sessions employ both individual and group based sessions, designed to both address a client’s particular needs and give them the strong moral support and comradely of learning from sharing their experiences with their peers, people who share a common frame of reference and can relate to their experiences.


Such group therapy sessions help our clients learn to appreciate themselves, recognizing within themselves the strength to conquer their habits, an inner source of willpower that comes from seeing oneself in the eyes of one’s peers. Addiction recovery cannot happen alone, but requires people to work together with our team and their peers, learning from one another the respect and honesty necessary to face up to your  strengths and weaknesses. We thrive to create a judgment-free addiction recovery center where clients can confront one another face to face as individuals, speaking their heart to one another, and finding encouragement in these acts of solidarity.


At the conclusion of these in-house therapy sessions, our patients will transition into our high-quality aftercare program. At our addiction recovery facility, we care deeply about each and every one of our patients and want to make sure that they continue to utilize the skills and techniques they learn in here outside the walls of our drug rehab facility, remaining true to their commitment to live a drug-free life from here on out. In our aftercare program, we keep the individual and group therapy sessions running, encouraging clients to keep coming back for the moral support of our team and their peers. We also provide clients with transitional programs, helping them readjust to normal life without falling back into relapse.


Freedom Behavioral Health is more than a substance abuse treatment facility. Our addiction recovery program is a chance at a new life: a life free of drug dependency, a life where clients have a greater respect for themselves and their peers, a life filled with courage and confidence, a life that draws upon its own inner strength to fight addiction head on.

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