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How Rehab Makes The Recovery Process Possible

No matter who faces the challenges of drug addiction, a rehab center is the most reliable way to help establish an effective recovery. Our addiction treatment center in St. Augustine, Florida is a caring and professional facility, dedicated to helping clients find a way to make it through tough times. Our services focus on treating everyone as well as possible, for the best chances of recovery. With a supervised detox program, we ensure everyone experiences a program that helps and heals.




Our clients deserve safe, specialized care. Our drug rehab facility understands the importance of professional help during addiction recovery. With a supervised detox, our clients have the most supportive experience. There’s no need to go through addiction recovery alone, especially when we’re here to help.


Our addiction recovery program also provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment, so there’s no need to worry about a lack of appropriate care. We focus on treating the whole person, which ultimately makes the recovery process easier and more successful. Any client who visits our addiction treatment facility in St. Augustine, Florida will experience safe and professional care.




No one likes the idea of heading to an addiction recovery center and staying isolated or feeling alone. Many of our prospective clients are surprised to find out that Freedom Behavioral Health actually provides a strong community of individuals going through similar issues. We create a thriving support group so everyone can speak honestly and feel understood. It may not be easy to face detox alone, but the support of other individuals who know exactly what it’s like make it much more manageable.


The last thing anyone wants is to face trying times alone. Our clients actually help each other without judgement by talking about their experiences with honesty. Anyone headed to a drug detox clinic understands how refreshing it can be to speak about past experiences and the entire treatment process without secrecy. Overall, it’s a huge, positive change to speak without hiding anything.


Individual Treatment Plans


One of the most important aspects of recovery at any substance abuse treatment facility is an individualized treatment plan. No program will fit every single person completely, so we take into account everyone’s unique situation. Not only is our supervised detox tailored specifically to each client but also we make sure to take into account potential secondary issues.


Our dual diagnosis mental health treatment is one of the main reasons we’re able to help clients conquer addiction. Although it’s important to begin the recovery process with fortitude, that doesn’t mean simply focusing on the single issue that brings our clients to us. Instead, we look at each individual as a whole person, with unique lives, feelings, and problems. Sometimes those problems involve mental health issues like depression or bipolar disorder, so we let our professionals step in to keep our clients mentally healthy. As drug rehab centers across the nation know, treating an illness like depression can have as much of an impact on the recovery process as the detox itself.


How Does It Work?


Heading to our addiction recovery facility in St. Augustine, Florida means a commitment to becoming well. The first steps of this process involve detox, where we help our clients become comfortable not using substances. Through therapy, our clients can then focus on underlying problems, feelings, and steps to maintain a healthy life. We encourage long-lasting change, especially when our clients can talk honestly with everyone in the room.


Even once our clients leave Freedom Behavioral Health, we still provide a wide variety of aftercare to help everyone stay healthy. It’s not an easy decision to stay clean, but it’s one we wholeheartedly believe in. With our help, our clients can focus on recovering and staying healthy, long after they’ve left our facilities.

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