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How can you get the addiction recovery treatment you need when you’re attempting to deal with substance abuse? When you’re entrenched in addiction, it can be difficult to determine how you can overcome your dependence and begin working your way toward your recovery goals. Fortunately, by researching Freedom Behavioral Health drug rehab centers, you’ve taken one of the first steps toward defeating your addiction to lay claim to your life once again. It doesn’t matter how your addiction began, at our Anaheim, California substance abuse treatment center, we’ll help you defeat your addiction and get your life back on track.


No matter what your particular situation, our staff has the education and experience necessary to help you defeat addiction. We’ll start by getting to know you during an intake interview. During this process, you’ll be asked a variety of questions about your history with substances. The information learned during the interview will then be used to concoct an addiction recovery program that takes your individual needs into account in order to provide the most effective care possible. No matter what idiosyncratic problems you may have to deal with, we’ll afford you a recovery plan that takes them into account.


Once you’ve met with your counsellor and determined that you are satisfied with the path to recovery laid out by your addiction treatment plan, you’ll proceed to the next stage of treatment. This is supervised detoxification, an important stage in the journey to recovery. During detox, your body will purge itself of any toxins left behind due to substance abuse. Unfortunately, this process can sometimes be accompanied by the symptoms of withdrawal, depending on your substance of choice and duration of use. Fortunately, our Anaheim, California drug rehab facility provides supervised detox. One of our staff members will be on hand and ready to assist you or lend a listening ear throughout the detox process. They’ll do everything they can to mitigate your discomfort and ensure your safety as you detox.


Once detox is complete, you’ll be ready to take part in the next steps of recovery. During this phase, you’ll take part in a number of different therapeutic pursuits. These will include individual therapy sessions, where you’ll meet with a licensed professional on a one-on-one basis. It will also include group therapy sessions, where you’ll meet with your peers at our rehab center and share stories and advice with one another. It might seem unfathomable that you’d enjoy a group therapy session at an addiction recovery facility, but many clients find that it is the highlight of their day. In part, this is because of the sober support system you’ll find among your fellow clients here at our Anaheim, California drug abuse treatment facility.


When you’ve graduated from the recovery program at the Freedom Behavioral Health addiction recovery facility in Anaheim, California, you’ll be provided with a full aftercare schedule for treatment. This plan will include treatment for after you’ve left our facility and gone back to the world at large. At our drug rehab clinic, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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